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Our Story

As children, maps transported us to far off lands and distant places. Today, modern digital maps simply strive for utility.  At Hollerbach & Tompkins, Our State Highway Ornament Collections act as touchstones for warm memories.  The familiar outline of each state and roads resonate with the viewer, generating a “remember when” moment. Whether a reminder of home, school, or the road trip of a lifetime; it’s hard not to momentarily travel to that place when an ornament catches your eye.

Hollerbach & Tompkins started while Ben and Jake were in school at Georgia Tech and has grown to be a design partnership of two craftsman who couldn't find exactly what they were looking for.  We began exploring maps as an artistic medium in 2012, producing our first cartographic ornament that Christmas. Adding new states every year, we now offer ornaments for all 50 states.

Crafting these ornaments floods us with memories of holiday trees of the past.  We trust our ornaments of today will help to recollect travels of the past and plan new adventures with the ones you call friends and family.